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Institute Projects are Tag’s current key areas of research and practice run by Tag Institute staff using an action research approach.

Consistent with Tag’s orientation of both sharing knowledge and changing lives, Tag implements innovative evidence-based projects that impact the lives of people, such as singles, victims of bullying, and the elderly.

Singles and relationships
Playing a leading role researching and developing new approaches to helping singles form and secure sustainable relationships, including academic research, professional development
and adult education.
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Values-based parenting
Giving parents a valuable tool by putting moral values at the heart of the child’s choice-making, we have developed research-based interactive parenting workshops using puppets and spontaneous
role play.
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Solitary Confinement
Generating knowledge and mobilising action to orient prisons as places that foster humanity and reject dehumanising practices such as solitary confinement.
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Ageing Enrichment
Addressing the needs of the elderly who feel isolated and undervalued, Tag’s ageing enrichment project has recently launched 3 innovative initiatives- ‘mentoring experience’, ‘creative giving’ and ‘treasured moments’.
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Bullying and Social Exclusion
Developing  and studying interventions to create awareness and affect change on bullying and exclusion of children. Our interactive workshops help to make groups of young people
more inclusive.
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Creating a Giving Society
Researching and developing educational programmes to promote the concepts and practices of generosity and mutual help to foster a giving and philanthropic society.
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