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The Giving Society project addresses the challenge of ensuring a generous and philanthropic society.

Over thousands of years, Judaic teachings and Jewish communities have articulated and embodied a dedication to charitableness and mutual responsibility. The project will elucidate the idea underlying this rich heritage of nurturing and practising the values of giving for the benefit of the contemporary Jewish community and wider society.

Together with an international panel of scholars and experts, we will carry out initial research into Judaic concepts of giving and philanthropy and develop a range of project proposals to be implemented and tested.

Subsequently, we will design and implement several pilot projects in schools and communities to test and study the ideas we have articulated.This will be followed by a series of educational programmes for children and adults that promote a giving society.

In the final phase, we will create a policy document, in conjunction with scholars and politicians, to suggest ways that local and national government can support the promotion of a giving and responsible society.


Project Managed by

Rabbi Anthony Knopf

Advisory Board

Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth

Rabbi Chaim Rapoport
Director, Machon Mayim Chayim; author, lecturer and Judaic scholar

Professor Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm
Professor, Department of Economics and Program in Philanthropic Studies, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

Rabbi Benji Levene
Senior Vice President and Director of Education, Gesher; Grandson of Rabbi Aryeh Levene, the ‘Tzaddik of Jerusalem’

Rabbi Natan Levy
Interfaith and Social Action Consultant to the Board of Deputies

Leonie Lewis
Director,  Jewish Volunteering Network

Michelle Barnett
Director, GIFT

Neville Kahn
Partner, Deloitte Restructuring Services; Founder, Co-Chair of Norwood Distressed Investors Dinner Committee and Norwood Trustee

Jonathan Goldstein
Deputy Chief Executive, Heron International; Head, Redbridge Schools Change Project and Head of the board of Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJeS)

Rabbi Chaim Eisen
Founder and Dean of Yeshivath Sharashim, Senior Lecturer in adult education at the Orthodox Union Jerusalem World Center

Candice Woolfson
Freelance consultant specialising in managing projects for charities and advising on strategy, former Director of the Chesed Department, United Synagogue