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We are exploring how attitudes towards relationships affect singles’ efforts to form and secure lasting relationships, with a particular focus on the issue of interdependence. Tag is working in partnership with several organisations, including Relate, to research and develop methods of assisting singles to form and secure sustainable relationships.

Leading the way on Singles
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Some singles have made a choice to remain independent; however, many others are investing incredible efforts, time and money into finding a life-partner. Read more>>

and we are piloting a range of innovative approaches to addressing the needs of singles:

Jewish values  We are exploring how Judaic ideas on relationship values can assist singles in their pursuit of relationship success. We research and reflect upon Jewish values in relationships to broaden and enrich our ideas about how to help singles achieve their goal. Tag has sponsored a course on relationship values in conjunction with Jewish Learning Institute in New York, which was delivered in over 400 locations globally.

Academic research  We are fostering the development of the academic work relating to coaching for singles and relationships more generally. Tag teamed up with Oxford Brookes University’s Centre for Coaching to develop research and strategy on how coaching could provide a platform for working
with singles.

Professional development  We are instrumental in fostering a new discipline called relationship coaching, in particular for singles. Tag has been working with Relate, UK’s largest relationship organisation, to develop professionals who can address the need of singles, including a pioneering coaching training programme. Together with Oxford Brookes, we are creating a Masters level programme, to train relationship coaches.

Adult education projects – We are contributing to and co-organising events with singles, both major weekends and smaller seminars, to apply the learning taking place at Tag Institute. We have delivered workshops for hundreds of singles in partnership with ECJS, a large European organisation in such locations as Prague, Dublin and Brussels. Tag and ECJS have jointly established JEP (Jewish European Professionals), which organises large events for 27-40 year olds several times a year. So far, we have hosted events in Malta, Thessaloniki, Dubrovnik and Bratislava.


Project Managed by
Rabbi Dr. Yossi Ives

Project Aims

To conduct research on the needs and challenges of singles, to add new insight into methods that could enable people to form and secure lasting relationships.

To develop and study interventions that would aid singles in their quest, including academic scholarship and professional training, and singles weekends and seminars.

Advisory Board

Dr. Elaine Cox
Oxford Brookes University

Rabbi Dr. Yossi Ives
Chair, Tag Institute

Nick Turner
Director, Relate Institute

Dale Meegan
Relate Director of Services

Dr. Lisa Aiken
Clinical Psychologist, Author, Lecturer

Latest News

Yossi Ives of Tag Institute gave a presentation on a singles coaching project at the annual conference of Relate, a major UK relationship organisation in November 2011.

A first draft of a paper on singles coaching theory and practice has been created. It can be downloaded here.

Tag Institute is collaborating with ECJS (European Centre for Jewish Students) to run a New Year’s weekend for students and young professionals, which will contain a workshop on relationships (

Papers on relationship values
and relationship coaching

Click here to download
‘Interdependence: the Key Value in Dating’