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JEP1. Jewish European Professionals  (JEP)  Tag, together with ECJS (European Centre for Jewish Students), is an organiser of JEP (Jewish European Professionals), an organisation which convenes young professionals across Europe opportunities for major weekends of personal networking, self-development and contributing to the world.

Recent weekends have taken place in Malta, Thessaloniki Dubrovnik and Bratislava. Visit jep.eu for more details.

Take a minute to enjoy our film about JEP.


noah2Noah’s Ark – The Noah Show delivers a universal message of interpersonal values to young children in an engaging and entertaining manner to help children understand better how to create a better world.

Children in their formative years are learning attitudes for life. Good attitudes are so vital for living, but they are often not taught in the classroom. Teaching children about harmony and decency contributes toward a better society and a more peaceful world.

The Noah Show provides values and education through the medium of entertainment and is based on the classic Noah tale. It can come to your school, community or home. Click here for more information and a brochure.