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Today, Western societies face new personal, family and communal issues, and struggle to cope with a range of social challenges, such as high divorce rates, teenage motherhood and an increasingly aging population.

They also grapple with persistent social problems, such as  crime, addictions and antisocial behaviour. At the same time, the role of faith in society is increasingly marginalised, resulting in the potentially positive faith based contribution to be overlooked.

The Tag Institute believes that Judaism offers a source of wisdom that can contribute towards rethinking approaches to these social challenges. The values and rich experience of Jewish life in a vast array of circumstances can help improve the lives of people today. Judaic teachings, values and traditions offer valuable moral insights needed for the psychological and spiritual health of individuals and society.

Below is a series of articles from A-Z showing the myriad of issues that Judaic thought addresses. These have been written by Tag staff and associates not as academic pieces but rather as popular articles for people to understand on a practical level the contribution that Judaic thought can offer.

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